Real estate business planning tools

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Estate Planning

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Take the Most Important Action of 2017 (Free Business Review Tool Enclosed!)

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GetREFM Real Estate Financial Modeling

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Managing estate planning

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Start your estate planning online. Get a last will, create a power of attorney and more. Finance and real estate. If you want to leave money to a charity, appoint a guardian for your children, or protect your business after you’re gone, an estate plan is the only way to make sure your wishes are known.

I'm the Sr. Content Creator for Placester, where I educate real estate professionals about modern marketing and, in turn, help agents and brokers make the most of their online presence, earn more traffic, and generate more leads and business. Real estate software is a great way to streamline team processes like lead management, open houses, and more.

Because of that, it’s important to select the best tools in the industry and use them to optimize day-to-day operations. To help, we identified the 37 of the best real estate software, tools, and apps on the market today.

The Financial Analysis of Development Projects course provides a combination of analytical theory and practical tools needed to evaluate the financial feasibility of complex value added and opportunistic real estate investments.

This includes speculative land, land development, and commercial and residential rehabilitation and development for all property types: office, industrial, retail. The CORE Training, Inc. is a world class real estate coaching and mortgage coaching company.

We help our clients get tangible results along with life balance. We feel we are the best real estate training company and mortgage training company in the industry.

Real estate business planning tools
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